The local government of Uvalde, from the Mayor to law enforcement officials has been under intense scrutiny ever since 18-year-old Salvador Ramos shot and killed nineteen students and two teachers at Robb Elementary School.

Law enforcement officials in Uvalde have taken a defensive posture ever since the Colonel of the Texas Department of Public Safety criticized the police response to the shooting.

He called the delayed police response to the shooting “the wrong decision” and contrary to protocol.”

After his statement, the Uvalde Police Department and the Uvalde Independent School District police force decided not to cooperate with the Texas Department of Public Safety’s investigation in to the shooting.

As of this week, they have hired private attorneys to represent them in the probe into the tragic incident.

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After a month of mostly staying silent, the Uvalde mayor spoke out in response to criticism directed at him and Uvalde law enforcement today, putting the blame back on the Texas DPS.

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“ I’m gonna be throwing people under the bus tonight in a speech because for too long, we’ve been told we can’t talk, we can’t answer, and we can’t say anything. Today that’s over with,” he said

The mayor went on to say that the Colonel in the Texas DPS lied about events that ocurred at the shooting, and that members of the Texas DPS were present as well.

“…Colonel McGraw has continued to, whether you want to call it a lie, leak, excuse me, lie leak  misleading mistaken information in order to distance his own troopers and rangers from the response.  Every briefing he leaves out the number of his own officers and Rangers that were on scene that day,”

The investigation in to the Uvalde shooting is still ongoing.



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