On Monday, independent journalist Jack Posobiec was detained by the World Economic Forum Police in Davos, Switzerland while reporting on the annual WEF meeting.

Although Posobiec and his team possessed the proper paperwork, including passports and press passes, the Swiss police approached them outside on a public street and demanded they stop recording. They proceeded to pull Posobiec and the others around the corner of the building, forced them to empty their pockets, and frisked them. One of the policemen pointed his gun at Posobiec the entire time.

They were detained for an hour and the police refused to provide a reason why.

Despite police demanding they stop recording, some footage was recorded and released to the public on social media showing this incident.

One video was taken by Posobiec and posted to his Twitter account, showing the WEF police surrounding him and his team without giving an explanation.

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Another journalist approached while this was taking place and also began to record. She repeatedly asked why they were being detained but was refused an answer.

WEF officer who participated in detaining Jack Posobiec and his team

“There’s many journalists here, and I’m wondering why he specifically is being detained,” asks the woman who is recording.

“There is a reason,” responds the woman being asked about the detainment. “But, uh, everything is clear now and, umm, we’re about to leave in just a few seconds.”

They still fail to disclose any reason for detaining Posobiec.

After the police leave, Posobiec recorded himself recounting the events that had just transpired and how the journalists that are not “WEF approved” are being targeted by the WEF police on the streets.


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