An internal memo that was leaked shows 100 State Department and USAID employees alleging that Biden is complicit in the genocide of the Palestinian people.

Democrats have been growing increasingly furious over Biden’s continued support of Israel in the war.

Many Muslims, a community that is predominantly Democrat, have vowed they won’t vote for Biden in the upcoming election.

Fox News has more on the story:

An internal State Department dissent memo that was reportedly leaked to the press accused President Biden of “spreading misinformation” about the Israel-Hamas war and claimed Israel is committing “war crimes.”

Axios reported that it obtained what it called a “scathing” memo that was signed by 100 State Department and USAID employees that suggested Biden’s continued support of Israel has made him “complicit in genocide” as the Jewish state continues to retaliate after Hamas killed at least 1,400 civilians during the Oct. 7 terror attack.

“Some of the memo’s language echoes that of progressive activists in the U.S., whose anger and protests over Biden’s handling of the war have rippled through the Democratic Party — and created a new challenge for the president’s 2024 campaign,” Axios reported.

The memo does not offer specific examples of what “misinformation” Biden has helped spread, according to the report.

These pro-Palestine crowds that are forming because of the conflict in Israel are going to be a considerable hurdle that Biden will have to overcome in the 2024 election.

Axios shares more on the story:

Driving the news: The memo, transmitted to the State Department’s policy office on Nov. 3, opens by noting the “recent atrocities committed by Hamas on October 7th” — a reference to Hamas’ attack on Israel that killed 1,400 people and ignited the war.

  • For the most part, however, the memo’s authors focus on Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s counterattack on Hamas in Gaza.
  • Biden has backed Israel’s response while expressing concern about humanitarian issues in Gaza, but the memo says Biden should do more to question Israel’s actions.
  • Those actions — which have included cutting off electricity, limiting aid and carrying out attacks that have displaced hundreds of thousands of Palestinians — “all constitute war crimes and/or crimes against humanity under international law,” the memo alleges.
  • “Yet we have failed to reassess our posture towards Israel,” the memo states. “We doubled down on our unwavering military assistance to the (Israeli government) without clear or actionable redlines.”

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