Only days after the November election, hundreds of GOP and Independent poll challengers filed affidavits, attesting to voter fraud or voter irregularities they witnessed while working in polling places, city offices, as a Dominion contract employee, and at the TCF Center in Detroit, where early morning dumps of thousands of ballots were made in the back hallways of the counting facility on the day after the November 2020 election.

Last week, Michigan residents delivered over 7,500 affidavits demanding a forensic audit of the November election.

Lawmakers like House Oversight Chair Steve Johnson, who only last week mocked the Arizona audit in an exclusive interview with 100 Percent Fed Up, have ignored the will of his constituents who’ve been demanding lawmakers address the issue of election fraud in their state. During our exclusive interview, Rep. Johnson told us he believes the forensic audit that’s currently taking place in Arizona is “a joke…a wasted effort…a disaster,” adding, “The election is over,…Trump is not coming back into office.”

MI Rep. Steve Johnson (R)

Today, conservative Michigan Rep. Steve Carra (R) proposed House Bill 5091, requesting $2.5 million to perform a forensic audit of the November 2020 presidential and US Senate election in the hotly contested state of Michigan.

Rep. Steve Carra (R-Three Rivers, MI) walks through a large crowd of protesters readying over 7,500 affidavits to be delivered to MI lawmakers, Gov. Whitmer, SOC Benson, and AG Nessel demanding a forensic audit. When Rep. Carra was asked if he believes there should be a forensic audit in the state of Michigan, he gave the activists the “thumbs up.”

Much like Arizona’s forensic audit, which lawmakers and observers across the nation have praised, Carra’s bill would require a bipartisan board to hire an outside group to conduct the forensic audit. The board would include one poll challenger from each political party from the November election. Michigan’s proposed audit would use Arizona’s audit as a model and cover 10% of the precincts in Michigan’s 83 counties, and audit a random sampling of 20% of the precincts in Detroit, where election results are frequently called into question.

Us Against Media collaborated with 100 Percent Fed Up in an exclusive interview with the brave MI State Rep. Steve Carra (R), who explained that he believes the forensic audit is a necessary step to ensuring election integrity in Michigan. Rep Carra told Us Against Media’s John Clore, “I think there’s a system created that is very ripe for fraud, and by doing this audit, I think we can expose some of it.”

In addition to looking into a physical examination of the actual ballots cast in the November election, Carra’s proposed bill also asks for several pieces of evidence related to the electronic voting machines.

We’ve underlined a few of the key items:

  • A description of the software installed on each electronic voting system and the NAME of the individual who CERTIFIED the software.
  • The name of the individual who examined the hardware configuration on each electronic voting system.
  • Whether any network communication devices were embedded in the hardware on any electronic voting system.
  • Whether an electronic voting system was connected to any network from the date of the final test of equipment accuracy before the election until the date, the election certification was issued.
  • A detailed timestamped log of each vote tally transfer and what the vote tallies were during each transfer.

Additionally, Carra’s proposed bill asks for a closer look into how unrequested absentee ballot applications were distributed to both residents and non-residents of Michigan.

Carra also asks for an investigation into the 2,000 youngest and 2,000 oldest voters in the November 2020 election. Did they vote in person or by absentee ballot? Rep. Carra asks how many voters over the age of 80 who never voted before voted for the first time in the 2o2o election?

Many of these questions could have been answered had Monica Palmer, Chair of the Wayne County Board of Canvassers, decertified the vote, causing a thorough audit to be performed. However, like previous elections, instead of agreeing to do a deep dive into the massive irregularities commonly found in the Detroit elections, the Wayne County Board of Canvassers once again agreed to certify the election results that were off by an astounding number.

On November 19, after voting to decertify the Wayne County elections, Wayne Co. Board of Canvassers Chair Monica Palmer and board member Bill Hartmann rescinded their vote against certifying the election. Palmer and Hartmann were publicly bullied,  humiliated, and threatened by Democrats. Palmer claimed that her decision to certify the vote was made after a Democrat board member promised they would conduct a full audit of the votes.

Shortly after she certified the vote, Michigan’s dishonest and horrible Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson, mocked Palmer telling her that there is no requirement for the state to uphold the agreement she made with a board member to audit the vote in Detroit and assured her no such audit would take place.

There’s nothing new about the way elections have been run in Detroit for decades; what is new is the election irregularities found in Antrim County that because of a 5,000+ vote flip from Trump to Biden, a judge ordered a forensic audit of the Dominion Voting Machines that were used in the November election. Attorney Matt DePerno, representing his client Bill Bailey, continues to reveal new information related to their ongoing forensic study of one of the voting machines used in Antrim County.

On November 19, former Republican Senator Patrick Colbeck joined Lou Dobbs on Fox Business News to explain what happened when the Wayne County Board of Canvassers met to discuss certifying the vote. Colbeck told Dobbs that there were significant threats to both Republicans, including threats of racism and threats on their lives. Colbeck reminded Dobb’s audience that an incredible 71% of the Detroit precincts were out of balance. Colbeck said that if a full audit was done on the vote, it will show that there is “no way the election results should be certified.” 

Shortly after his interview with Colbeck, Dobbs was fired from Fox News.

Is anyone else sick and tired of the media covering up investigations into voter fraud? And why are Democrats and certain Republicans like MI Rep. Steve Johnson so afraid of agreeing to forensic audits of the November election?


We applaud Rep. Steve Carra for having the courage to step up and call for a forensic audit into the November election results. It’s about time a lawmaker in Michigan listened to a large number of their constituents who still don’t believe the results of the November election in the Great Lakes state.

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