The Diocese of Des Moines, Iowa is responsible for running 17 schools and 80 parishes across the state. On Monday, the Diocese set forth new stipulations that counter-act the woke agenda threatening education and religious organizations. The Diocese has been praised for taking a strong stand by banning preferred pronouns in both schools and parishes and also ruling that students and worshipers must use bathrooms and locker rooms that align with their biological sex.

Activist have complained but supporters view the decisions as necessary and overdue. Chuck Callesto tweets,

“Breaking Report: Diocese of Des Moines iowa enacts anti-woke rules in churches and schools, BANNING PREFERRED PRONOUNS and forcing worshippers to use toilets and locker rooms of their biological sex. Woke Activist MELTING down…”

60-year-old Bishop William M. Joensen leads the church. In addition to the many schools and parishes, four hospitals are also run by the diocese and will be governed under the new rules. The official policy document outlines the new regulations and how the changes were decided upon.

A diocese spokesman wrote that the rule changes were ‘part of a lengthy process’ to address school and church staff concerns surrounding students’ gender identity. 

Anne Marie Cox, The Diocese of Des Moines’ communications director, confirmed that all seven of the new rule stipulations would immediately go into effect. 

Perhaps Progressive Iowa State Senator Claire Celsi momentarily forgot about the separation of church and state clause so often lauded by leftists to justify cutting off all public religious sentiment when she attacked the diocese decision. Celsi accused the diocese of trying to shun people, saying, 

‘The Diocese of Des Moines is trying to shun and exclude people based on their sexual orientation and gender expression. This is clearly NOT behavior that should be allowed in schools that already get $100 million in public taxpayer dollars and are clamoring for more.” 

The diocese’s decision is likely to carry over into other states, as churches and private schools are forced into the conversation by the leftist’s woke agenda. It is an agenda that refuses to leave certain religious groups alone. The Christian faith is constitutionally protected but considered fair game for activists who enjoy attacking it. It is puzzling that Islamists and other religious groups opposed to the LGBTQ agenda are virtually left alone while Christians are called hateful slurs and openly attacked for their religious convictions. The Iowa Diocese is receiving ample support for standing up and refusing to be bullied into woke policies.



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