A terrorist dressed in a security guard uniform stormed into a St. Cloud, Minnesota mall last night and stabbed numerous people before being taken down by an off duty police officer. Dahir Adan was stabbing people and asked at least one person if they are Muslim. He also yelled “Allah!” during the stabbing spree.

A hero named Jason Falconer shot and killed the Somali Muslim ISIS sympathizer before he could commit any more horror on the innocent people gathered at the mall on family night. 

How sad is the state of affairs in America that we’ve come to deny that this is terror and that this is war. The Somali population that has flooded Minneapolis has a problem on their hands of radicalization in the community. Americans are kind and tolerant but we will not take much more of this. We will defend ourselves just like Jason Falconer did on a supposedly normal night at the mall in America. 

Jason Falconer (pictured below) was identified as the off-duty police officer who shot and killed the St. Cloud mall stabber.


Falconer was hailed as a hero in a news conference by St. Cloud police chief Blair Anderson. The police chief identified Falconer in a press release on the afternoon of September 18.

Anderson said nine people were stabbed at Crossroads mall on September 17. Falconer, who was off duty and is still a police officer, then shot and killed the suspect, who was identified on Sunday as DAHIR ADAN(pictured below):

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