ISIS JUST RELEASED A VIDEO – The video is the usual slick production threatening different world leaders like Russia’s Putin.
Yea, real smart to threaten Putin…they also threaten Obama, Saudi Arabia, and France.
WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT: The last thing they do is show the clip of burning the Jordanian pilot alive. This is the terror that these animals use to try and scare people. We’re looking forward to the day when ISIS is bombed to oblivion.

*Kafir is a non-believer of Islam

Lyrics include:

Soon, very soon
The blood will spill like an ocean
The *kafir throats
Will tremble from the knives.
The lions of the ummah have awoken.
They raised their swords,
Strengthening the ummah.
Day after day.
The soldiers of Allah
Know not fear.
For [monotheism]
Has guided them to Allah.
We will strike the idol,
The cross, and the [idolaters].
With energy we raise,
The black in the hearts.

O filthy kafir,
You are not brave at all.
The sound of your voice
Has been silenced.
The khilafah was built.
We will take through battle
The lands of yours we wish.
So much of your lands.

We will make your wives
And make your children
Our slaves.
Your resources will do you no good.
They will not save you from becoming,
Slaves to the nation of sons,
The brave knights.


We came to you with slaughter,
Defying death.
In your gun barrel
We have seen paradise.
The snipers are ready
And from their places
Your heedles places.

We will return all our lands.
No one ignores this
Except for the fool
Or the blind.
Europe is shaking.
Russia is dying.
With destructive death.

We will bring back [the Caucasus]
And will not permit the rule
Of the dark forces another time.
The Kremlin will be ours.
The Ural will return.
Kafir will shake.
We want the sharia in [Tatarstan].

The Russian city will be shocked by [“God is great”].
Here is Moscow!
Whoever wants to live
Will have to pay [non-Muslim tax]
If he refuses Islam.

These are our words
In your major cities
We will corner you.
You won’t be able to escape.
Nor spread your corruption.
You will live a life of humiliation
Only from now on.
In the hereafter,
Hellfire awaits you.

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