Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was hospitalized on Saturday from suspected dehydration.

Netanyahu’s office announced the ongoing heat wave in Israel is what caused the Prime Minister to seek medical attention.

After being admitted to Sheba Medical Center, for dizziness, doctors were able to run some tests and conclude Netanyahu was just dehydrated.

Advisors to the prime minister said Netanyahu is in good spirits and will be back in full health soon.

Here’s what CNN reported:

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was admitted to hospital suffering from suspected dehydration Saturday, his office said, as fierce heat grips the country.


Netanyahu’s initial tests “came out normal” and he appears to be in “good condition,” his office said in a statement.

He was admitted Saturday to the Sheba Medical Center in Ramat Gan, a suburb of Tel Aviv.

The statement, provided to CNN, said Netanyahu complained of “mild dizziness” before his admission.

“On the recommendation of the doctors, the Prime Minister continues to undergo additional routine tests.”

The incident comes with Israel in the middle of a heatwave.

He later made a television appearance and stated he’s feeling good.

Take a look:

Per AP:

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Saturday declared that he feels “very good” after he was rushed to the hospital for what doctors said likely was dehydration.

But doctors ordered him to remain in the hospital overnight for further observation, and his weekly Cabinet meeting was delayed by a day and rescheduled for Monday, his office said.

Netanyahu’s office said he was hospitalized after feeling mild dizziness. It said that he had spent the previous day in the heat at the Sea of Galilee, a popular vacation spot in northern Israel, and that after a series of tests, the initial assessment was that the veteran Israeli leader was dehydrated.

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