After days of refusing to meet with Speaker of The House McCarthy, Biden caved and is calling for a meeting to negotiate the debt limit. On Wednesday, Republicans and McCarthy passed a bill allowing an increase in the debt ceiling, apparently surprising the White House, which was taking a stubborn stance against negotiating how to handle America’s debt. The government has a spending problem, and instead of taking care of the root and cutting spending, the Biden administration would like an open checkbook. When checks and balances were put in place, White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said Thursday, “We are not negotiating on this. We’ve been very clear on this.” On Monday, Jean-Pierre, who is unqualified to address the financial issues in America, spoke derisively about the House’s bill saying, “It’s not a plan. It’s a recipe for economic disaster. They [House Republicans] need to do their job. Congress must act,” she said. “It is their constitutional duty.”

Yet Biden refused to come to the negotiating table, likely using the incident as a publicity stunt to squeeze more money out of taxpayers. Biden falsely claimed that the Republicans were threatening to default.


On Monday afternoon, President Joe Biden finally caved after making the entire situation a spectacle. He held a press briefing and one hour later requested a meeting with House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) to negotiate the debt limit in a meeting scheduled to be held on May 9 in order to avoid default. Biden’s move contradicted his previous blustery Democrat rhetoric that they would simply refuse to negotiate.
In 2011 Biden said an unwilling attitude to negotiate the debt ceiling, a “my way or the highway” position, is no way to govern…So what changed? Why did Biden take a hard-line stance against discussing a two-way solution?

While Biden and McCarthy are planning to meet and negotiate, Democrat Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer is announcing hearings on the house bill, likely as public relations stunt in an attempt to deride the proposed budget. As of now, the California Democrat is refusing to hold a vote on the bill or put together his own proposal.

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