There is something very odd about both Biden and Kamala Harris when they are asked pointed questions…They both laugh inappropriately. The situation in Afghanistan is no joke, but Harris and Biden have both been caught on camera snarking and smirking. It really shows an uncaring and elitist attitude.

During a press conference on cybersecurity, Joe Biden joked with an NBC reporter about the evacuation in Afghanistan. He smirked after the reporter questioned the deadline of August 31. The audio feed was immediately cut after the question, but Biden could be heard joking and commenting.

Is the fact that thousands of desperate people are still trying to get out of Afghanistan before the August 31 deadline a joke to him? Desperate people are struggling to save themselves and their loved ones before it’s too late.

NBC’s Peter Alexander asked a great question about Biden’s plan if Americans are still in Afghanistan after the deadline.

Biden smirked and then said, “You’ll be the first person I call.”

The Biden regime is playing this entire event off like everything is going fine when it is not. Americans are being blocked from leaving, and planes are leaving with very few people on board.

Tammy Bruce Tweeted:

It’s difficult to believe the smirk is coming from the man who has made such a disaster of this situation.

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