What the hell is going on? Only last week, Joe Biden’s doctors declared that despite Joe’s progressing dementia that the entire world can clearly see, he is perfectly healthy and able to perform his duties as the installed President of the United States.

Pictures and videos, however, tell a much different story.

Only moments ago, Joe took another tumble while trying to navigate the steps leading up to Air Force One.

Joe Biden, whose critical visit to Warsaw, Poland, has led to the discussion of the very real possibility of World War III, has ONCE AGAIN fallen while attempting to navigate the stairs of Air Force One.


“Ex-BLM Activist” Xaviaer DuRousseau hilariously tweeted:

Joe Biden is falling over himself again.

I’m not sure if this means we are going into World War III, or if it just means six more weeks of winter.

Yesterday, an unidentified person was seen falling down the stairs of Air Force One upon Biden’s arrival in Florida.

The mainstream media went into overdrive to discover who fell, as they desperately tried to prove it wasn’t Joe Biden who fell AGAIN after his infamous fall climbing up the stairs of Air Force One early on in his presidency.

While boarding Air Force One on March 19, 2021, 78-year-old President Biden stumbled twice on the stairs leading to the aircraft, then fell over a third time. After standing and brushing off his knees, Biden continued up to the aircraft and disappeared inside.

And how can we forget Biden falling off his bike in June while attempting to do a photo-op with his enabling wife Jill in Delaware:

As Joe and a group of Secret Service agents crossed the road, the crowd began to cheer. Joe, who can barely walk without support, attempted to stop his bike to bask in the applause, but placing both feet on either side of his bike proved to be more than Joe was capable of doing.

As soon as Joe’s second foot hit the pavement, his bike tipped over, and Joe tumbled toward the pavement, face first.


Perhaps instead of taking what seems like a perpetual vacation in Delaware, Jill should be seeking help for her husband. He is clearly in mental and physical decline, but apparently, Hunter Biden’s enabling stepmom, Jill, cares more about being First Lady than protecting her husband from humiliating himself.

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