A Michigan judge decided to legislate from the bench and ban guns in the Ann Arbor School System. This goes against Michigan state law and will be appealed by a pro-gun organization. This liberal judge probably thinks the bad guys won’t bring a gun to school if they know the rules on the gun ban…liberal logic. Heck, even churches are making sure they’re protected by someone carrying. 

Ann Arbor Public Schools can continue to ban guns in schools, a judge ruled today.

The decision conflicts with one last month in Genesee County, where a judge ruled that a parent in the Clio School District has a right to openly carry his gun at his daughter’s school.

And the group that filed the suit against the Ann Arbor district says it will appeal the ruling.

Washtenaw County Circuit Judge Carol Kuhnke made the ruling after a hearing in which the Ann Arbor district asked her to dismiss a lawsuit filed against the district by Ann Arbor parent Ulysses Wong and Michigan Gun Owners. The lawsuit was filed after the district’s Board of Education enacted policies that ban guns from all school district property.


“I think the judge decided to ignore state law and do what she wanted to do anyway,” said Jim Makowski, the attorney for Michigan Gun Owners. “We will appeal.”

Wong, in a recent interview, said he got involved in the lawsuit because he believes the district is creating policies that are “outside of the power they have.”

State law allows those with a concealed pistol license to openly carry a gun on school grounds.

But the district had contended that it should be able to adopt policies that ensure the safety of students and staff. The policy bans all weapons on school property and requires school officials to go into emergency mode if a dangerous weapon is spotted.

After the lawsuit was filed in April, Deb Mexicotte, the president of the Ann Arbor Board of Education, said the board “is resolute in our commitment to both our current policies and to the safe and disruption-free learning environment we must maintain on behalf of our students.”

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