A federal judge on Saturday denied the Trump administration a temporary emergency restraining order to block the release of former national security advisor John Bolton’s book, “The Room Where It Happened.”

Lou Dobbs spoke yesterday about the Bolton case and what the judge had to say at that point.

President Trump retweeted the Dobbs video:


Judge Royce Lamberth wrote:

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“Defendant Bolton has gambled with the national security of the United States…”

The judge also said that “Upon reviewing the classified materials… the Court is persuaded that Defendant Bolton likely jeopardized national security by disclosing classified information in violation of his nondisclosure agreement obligations.”

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“While Bolton’s unilateral conduct raises grave national security concerns, the government has not established that an injunction is an appropriate remedy.”

It’s difficult to believe that the judge made the statements above but won’t stop the book from being distributed.

Lou Dobbs and John Solomon discussed Bolton recently: “It’s a shame to see what we’re witnessing.”

Richard Grenell spoke with Erin Burnett last night about how this book is dangerous for national security:

Richard Grenell was President trump’s ambassador to Germany and then the Acting Director of National Intelligence. He was on CNN discussing John Bolton’s book with anchor activist Erin Burnett when he did something so priceless that even Burnett was smirking.

Watch the video below where Burnett says that something in Bolton’s book can’t possibly be classified and fake news at the same time.

Grenell shoots back that, of course, something can be both classified and fake news. He then gives the perfect example that is about a fake news story on CNN. It’s a priceless moment.

He uses the fake story that North Korea’s Kim Jong Un is braindead. CNN reported that story over and over but intel couldn’t correct the lie. They couldn’t take the chance to correct the lie because it might compromise classified info within CNN’s fake news story.

Watch as Burnett smirks when she realizes that Grenell has her. She tries to interrupt when Grenell begins to describe the CNN fake news story.

Recently, Grenell expressed great insight into “The DC Swamp” and why they hate Trump:

Former Acting DNI Richard Grenell spoke with Lou Dobbs to enlighten about the problem with unmasking in the Flynn case. Still, his comments about Washington’s “permanent bureaucracy” are spot on.  His remarks about why DC will never accept President Trump should send a chill down the spine of every freedom-loving American who wants limited government. They will never accept a people’s president like Trump. That’s even more of a reason to vote for Trump in November.

Richard Grenell:

<em>What we have is a permanent bureaucracy in Washington, and I include the media in Washington versus the rest of America. When you go to Washington DC, and you live there, then you can get a job in one of these bureaucracies what why do we have all of the federal government or at least by far the majority of the federal government bureaucracies based in Washington DC. </em><em>I don’t think it’s healthy.</em>

<em>There’s a whole bunch of problems that we can unpack here, but clearly, when the media live in Washington DC when the bureaucracy lives in Washington DC, they fight for their city.</em>

<strong><em>The American people have to understand that Donald Trump, when he was elected, he talked about changing the culture, changing the way that it’s done, and this was an affront to the people in Washington DC.</em></strong>


<em>They did two things:</em>

<em>One, almost 70 Democrats refused to show up at the peaceful transition of power. Now, Lou, I worked at the State Department for 11 years. If that happened in another country, we would call it out. We would say grow up and go to the inauguration go to the process and show that you can be peaceful. When it’s almost 70 Democrats, they’re not even showing up.</em>

<strong><em>We have a problem in Washington, and I think Donald Trump put his finger on it, and they are lashing out against him because of it. </em></strong>

Grenell went on to discuss the second thing by saying that the Obama administration had a problem with unmasking. Lou Dobbs went into detail with Grenell about the Flynn case.



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