President Trump has been found NOT guilty by a Manhattan jury in the bizarre civil case that revolves around a decades-old claim by liberal hag Jean Carroll that he “raped” her in a Bloomingdale’s dressing room.

The judge did find President Trump liable for claims of abuse and defamation by has rejected her ridiculous case of rape against him.

Thanks to funding LinkedIn founder and billionaire Reed Hoffman, Hillary Clinton’s largest individual campaign donor when she ran for president against Trump in 2016, Carroll was able to fund her very unbelievable story for an extended period of time, hoping it would damage President Trump’s chances of winning the Presidential election (for the third time) in 2024.

Hoffman, 55, has told New York Magazine‘s Kara Swisher: “The short answer is I will spend as much as I possibly can and it takes and is effective [to beat Trump].”

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