Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton and his team of lawyers have been keeping an eye on election integrity in America. During an interview with senior elections attorney Robert Popper, he revealed that Judicial Watch has found nearly two million extra names on the voter rolls in only two states, North Carolina and Pennsylvania.

Fitton tweeted: Dirty election rolls can mean dirty elections! How the Left’s plans to flood mails with MILLIONS of ballots could lead to massive voter fraud and Election Day CHAOS!

Bob Popper explained to Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton about the new cases they have in North Carolina and Pennsylvania and how they plan to do everything they can to ensure Americans that the November elections aren’t being stolen.

Tom Fitton asked, “Are we being scared into not voting in person because of coronavirus, and is that being used and abused by the left to change our election systems at the last minute?” Popper replied, “If I had to give a short answer, I would say, ‘yes and yes.'”

Watch Robert Popper explain the risks involved with absentee ballots vs. voting in person and how the left is using fraud and ballot harvesting in California to steal the election.

Daily Caller reports – North Carolina began mailing more than 600,000 absentee ballots to voters Friday, marking the official start of mail voting for November’s election.

Approximately 618,000 ballots have been initially requested by North Carolina voters, more than 16 times higher than the amount requested four years ago, the Associated Press reported. The requests came disproportionately from Democratic and Independent voters, according to AP.

The enormous increase in ballots requested comes as millions of voters seek alternative ways to vote due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Among the 618,000 ballots requested thus far, 326,000 have been requested by Democrats and 192,000 have been requested by Independents, reflecting the extent to which mail-in voting has become a partisan issue, according to AP.

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