Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer announced his retirement from the Supreme Court in late January of this year.

The announcement led to a lengthy and controversial confirmation hearing for Ketanji Brown Jackson, who ultimately was voted in by a near party line vote of 53-47.

Jackson’s record on Critical Race Theory and her record as part of the Sentencing Commission was put under scrutiny by Senate Republicans who brought to light multiple examples of her giving light sentences to sex offenders and violent criminals.

On Wednesday, Stephen Breyer announced his official retirement date, giving only one day of notice between his announcement and the official date when he will retire.

Breyer announced that he will retire at noon on Thursday with Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson swearing in immediately after his retirement ceremony.


The sudden announcement comes after a pressure campaign and leaked sources saying that Breyer had not yet picked an official retirement date.

The Gateway Pundit Reports

The Supreme Court announced Wednesday that Associate Justice Stephen Breyer,83, will retire at noon Thursday after the court issues its final decisions for the 2021-2022 session. Breyer was forced to announce his retirement in January of this year after a pressure campaign by progressives and the leak of his private decision to retire that he was not yet ready to announce. Breyer was nominated to the court in 1994 by President Bill Clinton.

Breyer’s replacement, Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson, 51, will be sworn it at the same time as Breyer retires. Jackson, who was appointed by Joe Biden to fulfill a campaign promise of nominating a Black woman to the court, was confirmed by the Senate on April 7 on a near party line vote of 53-47.

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