The US Supreme Court gave President Trump a chance to stop House Democrats’ efforts to obtain his financial records but ruled he is not immune from Manhattan political hack DA Vance’s attempt to get his taxes.

In the case to get President Trump’s taxes from the past ten years, Justice Roberts wrote in the majority opinion (7-2) that no president is above the law:

“We cannot conclude that absolute immunity is necessary or appropriate under Article II or the Supremacy Clause.”

Here is the 7-2 opinion from Chief Justice Roberts in Trump v. Vance. Dissents from Thomas and Alito.

Justices Kavanaugh and Gorsuch delivered surprising votes with the majority in the cases while Justices Thomas and Alito were the dissenting voices in both cases.

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In a separate decision, the court ruled in favor of President Trump regarding the attempt by Congress to obtain his financial records.

Both cases will go back to lower courts to decide if the president needs to turn over any documents. These court cases will likely not be decided until after the presidential election in November.

The president’s attorney, Jay Sekulow, is calling this a victory, and oddly enough, the Manhattan DA is also calling it a victory.

The case in New York is a drummed up political hit-job where DA Cy Vance wants to know if Trump paid off two women and if by doing so, did the hush-money payments violate state tax or business regulations.

Democrats want Trump’s financial records because…Russia, Russia, Russia.

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President Trump tweeted out after the decision that he’ll just have to keep on fighting:

It would be incredible to see what our president could do if he didn’t have to fight the Democrats 24/7.

Do you want to see President Trump’s taxes and financial records or did you vote for him so he could drain the swamp?


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