The king of confusion has chosen his running mate and never in the history of running mates has a VP been more consequential.

It’s no secret Joe Biden’s mental capabilities are on the decline. He rarely leaves his basement, and when he does, the scandal-ridden former Vice President always manages to put his foot (or many times both feet) in his mouth. Americans who are paying attention know that on the off-chance Biden were to win the election, it’s highly unlikely that he has the mental capacity to fulfill his obligation as commander in chief and will likely turn the reigns over to his vice president at some point in the near future, giving Harris the chance to fulfill her dream of becoming President.

After sifting through the multitude of VP candidates, Joe landed on Senator Kamala Harris, who fills the only two qualifications Democrats care about—does the candidate come equipped with the proper genitalia, and if so, how much melanin does she have in her skin?

Harris had to drop out of the presidential race last year when she couldn’t get over 3% of Democrats to support her in the polls. Unfortunately for Joe, Kamala will likely not prove to be much of an asset to the man she accused of being a racist during the debates. The former Democrat presidential candidate, Senator Kamala Harris (CA), identifies as an African-American, but other than her father’s family’s ownership of slaves in Jamaica, Harris has no connection to Black Americans.

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Much like Barack Obama, Harris grew up in an environment that was far removed from the experiences of Black Americans who struggled as a result of Democrat policies intended to keep them down and reliant upon the government.

The Black Republican reports- Her mother, Shyamala Galan Harris, is from India and her father, Donald Harris, is from Jamaica.

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Both parents emigrated to the U.S. in the early 1960s and Kamala who has a younger sister, Maya, was born in 1964.

After Kamala’s parents divorced, her mother moved to Montreal, Canada with her two daughters and took them to worship in Hindu temples.

While serving as District Attorney of the City and County of San Francisco, starting in 2003, the 29-year-old Harris had an affair with the then-married Willie Brown who was the Speaker of the California State Assembly. Brown is nearly 30 years older than Harris.

Kamala is currently married to a white lawyer, Douglass Emhoff.  Curiously, Emhoff never appears with Harris, who has desperately pandered to black Americans for votes.

The couple has two children from his prior marriage and a net worth of $1.7 million.

Never mind all that…Joe’s got his gal and she meets all of the requirements the Democrat overlords have dictated. Biden announced his pick the safe way, on Twitter, where he won’t be forced to answer questions about his pick in front of the media.

In his tweet, Joe calls Kamala a “fearless fighter for the little guy.”

You can almost see Biden’s wife Jill typing his announcement as he watches Sponge Bob in the basement.


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