The Washington Post has published an account of Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s accuser from THREE DECADES ago…Remember the 80’s? Yes, this apparent ‘attack’ was carried out in the 80’s. This Hail Mary attempt from the Democrats is idiotic!


Christine Blasey Ford is a 51-year old psychologist who lives in Palo Alto, California with her husband and children. She only recently came forward with the claim against Kavanaugh but says she wanted to remain anonymous. Because of that, she had months to scrub her social media accounts clean so there is no track record of her political activism. As they say, the internet is forever and sure enough, things are trickling out about Blasey Ford: THE DNC, DCCC, FRIENDS OF BERNIE SANDERS…

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OPEN SECRETS..Look at all of the political donations:


Blasey Ford signed a letter opposing the Trump border policy along with other health professionals. She a political activist who has given “small donations” to liberal causes, according to the Washington Post.


The Republicans had better fight this fake news being pushed out by the liberal media. The media is pushing the narrative that Kavanaugh attempted to rape this woman when that is NOT what she said at all.

She claims that Kavanaugh pinned her down on a bed and tried to pull her clothes off. She was wearing a one-piece bathing suit with clothes on top of that at the time and claims Kavanaugh groped her. The quotes from Ford reveal that she was traumatized then but didn’t seek counseling until 2012…Hummm She’s even making claims of PTSD…

We can safely say the #MeToo movement has hit a  new low.  This is utter bullish*t.

If this happened in the 80’s, why did this woman not seek help until 2012 if she was so traumatized?

The Washington Post reported that Ford said,  ‘He was trying to attack me and remove my clothing…I thought he might inadvertently kill me’

The notes she gave to the Post say that she claimed she was attacked by boys from an ‘elitist boys school’.

She says she ‘escaped’ when a classmate jumped on top of them and they all tumbled to the floor. That classmate is Mark Judge who had this to say about the supposed incident:

“It’s just absolutely nuts. I never saw Brett act that way.”


This is such a stretch and such a sick move by someone who wants to take down a good man!  If all of us were held to every single move we’ve made decades before n0w, no one would be able to be on the Supreme Court! This is a nothing burger!


WHITE HOUSE STATEMENT ON LETTER: “Not until the eve of his confirmation has Sen. Feinstein or anyone raised the specter of new ‘information’ about him.”



Senator Dianne Feinstein has given a document to federal authorities regarding Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh. She refused to let the Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee see the letter causing some tension on the committee. The committee members want to make sure the letter is worthy of an investigation. from what we’re hearing, this is a high school incident…WTH! It’s almost like Feinstein watched Booker and Harris in the limelight during the hearings and now she wants to have her own “Hold my beer” moment…

The Intercept reports:

The document is a letter from a California constituent and purportedly describes an incident that was relayed to someone affiliated with Stanford University, who authored the letter and sent it to Rep. Anna Eshoo, a Democrat who represents the area. Different sources provided different accounts of the contents of the letter, and some of the sources said they themselves had heard different versions, but the one consistent theme was that it describes an incident involving Kavanaugh and a woman while they were in high school.  Kept hidden, the letter is beginning to take on a life of its own.

The woman is being represented by a “#MeToo” lawyer…so this must be something that happened in high school. Really? Does anyone out there think this man shouldn’t be confirmed because of a high school incident? What could he have possibly done in high school?

Senator Feinstein has refused to be open about the letter and released a statement earlier today:

Feinstein has been under some pressure from her party as she’s up for reelection and is another Senate lifer who is trying to hang on to her seat. She was recently outed for having a Chinese spy working for her for 20 years! It would make sense that she might REALLY want this letter to be something big…We pray it isn’t.

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