On the historic 15th vote for House Speaker, Rep. Kevin McCarthy has finally flipped a conservative holdout vote from Freshman Rep. Eli Crane (AZ) from a “no” vote to a “present” vote, handing McCarthy the gavel after four long days of a brutal battle for House Speaker.

BREAKING: Rep. Eli Crane just flipped from no on McCarthy to present. That will do it. Kevin McCarthy will be the 53rd Speaker of the House on the 15th ballot.

Rep. Eli Crane is a Navy Seal who served with fellow Navy Seal Rep. Dan Crenshaw (TX), who recently called the holdout voters “terrorists.” When the newly elected Crane was asked about Crenshaw’s comments, he explained how his no vote for McCarthy is about fighting the swamp.

McCarthy’s path to the role of speaker has been anything but easy…but thanks to the fight 20 brave conservatives were willing to put up, they have successfully forced the hand of establishment Republicans like McCarthy to cut deals with them that will give them leadership roles in powerful committees.

After four days of voting on the House floor for the next Speaker of the House, tempers flared only one hour ago when Republican Rep.Mike Rogers of Alabama lunged at Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL), the congressman who’s been leading the effort to prevent Kevin McCarthy from becoming Speaker.

Chaos ensured on the House floor as the 14th vote for Speaker fell short by one vote for McCarthy.

Daily Mail reports – McCarthy immediately walked up to Reps. Matt Gaetz and Lauren Boebert, presumably with the intent of persuading them to change their ‘present’ votes to ‘yes.’

Rep. Mike Rogers of Alabama then lunged at Gaetz and had to be held back by Rep. Richard Hudson before an all-out fistfight could break out on the House floor.


The Republican lawmaker from Alabama, a member of the House Steering Committee responsible for making committee chair recommendations, recently threatened the holdout Republicans who don’t vote for McCarthy that they will be stripped of committee assignments.

Matt Gaetz could be seen talking to McCarthy after the scuffle with Rep. Rogers.



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