Actor Kevin Spacey, 64, was reportedly rushed to the hospital fearing a heart attack while attending a film festival in Uzbekistan.

According to reports, Spacey’s entire left arm went numb for approximately eight seconds.

“He fell ill in the ancient city of Samarkand on Monday while on a tour of the Afrasiyab Museum and was rushed to the Innova Diagnostic Clinic where he was ‘treated professionally by doctors and staff,'” Daily Mail reports.

Doctors reportedly gave Spacey the ‘all-clear’ after a series of tests.

Per Daily Mail:

Mr Spacey later returned to the Tashkent International Film Festival, appeared on stage and told the audience his health was ‘normal’.


The Oscar-winning actor added that the incident ‘made me really take a moment and think about how fragile life is’.

Mr Spacey talked about his ‘unexpected’ health scare during his speech at the festival’s closing ceremony on Monday, festival organisers have revealed.

‘I was looking at these extraordinary murals on the walls and I suddenly felt my entire left arm go numb for about eight seconds,’ he told the crowd.

‘I shook it off, but I immediately told the people I was with and we went immediately to the medical centre.’

He shared how he spent the afternoon undergoing a ‘variety of tests’, adding that ultimately ‘everything turned out to be completely normal’.

The U.S. Sun added:

Spacey had the day before announced his “comeback” at an event in the capital Tashkent – insisting his “best roles were ahead of him”.

He was earlier this year cleared of a series of charges of sexual assault.

He is currently attempting to rebuild his career after losing out on major roles and being axed from Netflix’s House of Cards.

Speaking outside Southwark Crown Court in July, he told reporters in tears: ” I lost everything in a matter of days.”

Spacey broke down as he was cleared of sexually assaulting four men on charges dating back 22 years.

He had denied all charges – saying the allegations against him were motivated by “money, money and then money”.

Allegations by several men in the UK and US had already an impact on Spacey’s career.

He was stripped of an International Emmy Award and was edited out of Sir Ridley Scott’s film All The Money In The World.

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