Another horrible story about a deranged killer with mental health issues. “I Was For His (Barack Obama’s) Re-Election, I Liked His Spending”

j r houser

Lafayette officials identified the Grand Theater shooter as John Russell Houser from Alabama.
WJBF reported:

The gunman who opened fire inside a packed movie theater in Lafayette, Louisiana, Thursday night, was 59-year-old John Russell Houser, police said at a news conference today.

Houser is among three people who died, police said.

Nine others were injured.

Houser is from Phoenix City, Alabama, and has no known connection to Lafayette, police said. Houser was described as a drifter by police, who said he had likely been in Lafayette since early July.

The shooting occurred at the Grand 16 Theater on Johnston Street where a screening of Amy Schumer’s “Trainwreck” was reportedly playing. Conditions of those injured range from non-life-threatening to critical and their ages ranged from the late teens to their 60s, Lafayette Police Chief Jim Craft said at a news conference.

The shooting comes one week after James Holmes was convicted of killing 12 people and wounding 70 others in a movie theater in Aurora, Colorado.

Police said they believed one person had been released from the hospital as of early Friday morning. They also said that one person was in surgery and not doing well.

Houser was estranged from his family and had mental health issues.

He applied for gun but did not pass the background check.

Houser also supported Barack Obama.

He wrote this in his Manifesto (why do mass murderers always seem to have a rambling manifesto?)

“I accepted this it came to me that the president is doing exactly what Tim McVeigh did, only the president is much more effective. The way I see it, the faster he wrecks this nation, which in no way resembles what it’s founders envisioned, the faster working people with morals may re-assume I was for his re-election. I like his spending habits.etc……” Via: Gateway Pundit

A screen shot of the story from leftist rag,The Daily Beast:daily beast


From the Daily Beast – Officials say they know little about Houser, and are requesting that people with information about him contact local authorities. A Google search for the name reveals a Tea Party Nation page registered to a person with that name. Authorities have not confirmed whether the page, registered in June 2013, belonged to the shooter. The owner of the Tea Party Nation page identifies his hometown as Phenix, Alabama. He appears to have called himself Rusty Houser on another forum in which he describes himself as “very conservative” and asks how to find white-power groups.

And for good measure, the Daily Beast is doubling down on their unsubstantiated claim about the LA killer:

daily beast tea party claim


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