Senator Ted Cruz was approached by a large group of protesters at LAX.

He was pretty chill about it but this is a dangerous precedent to set because sometimes these professional protesters can go overboard.

The group vote Latino posted a video of the protest where the group screamed “free the children’.

The propaganda these groups are trying to push is that the children in detention centers are in horrible situations. This attempt at hijacking the narrative isn’t working because there have been several different reports debunking these claims.

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Democrats are so worried about the people in detention at the border that they went on a 4-week vacation.

The truth is that Democrats are sitting on their hands and doing nothing about changing the immigration laws.

This isn’t the first time Senator Cruz has been ambushed by protesters. He and his wife were also swarmed at a D.C. restaurant:

Conservative Republican Senator Ted Cruz (TX) was shouted out of a restaurant in DC where he was dining with his wife, Heidi. “Smash Racism DC” posted videos on Twitter showing how they were able to surround the table where Cruz and his wife were sitting for dinner. No one from the restaurant had the courage or good business sense to remove the thugs who promote the violent hate group, Antifa and push a cop-hating narrative on their Twitter page.

In the video, Senator Cruz can be seen getting up from his seat and putting on his jacket, as he tries to safely escort his wife from the restaurant, while the protesters attempted to shame Cruz for supporting the nomination of Judge Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court.  At one point, as Senator and Mrs. Cruz  attempt to leave the restaurant, the group surrounds them and begins shouting in their face, at which time, Cruz becomes agitated and tells them to “let my wife through.”

Smash Racism DC was banned from Twitter last year after the incident.

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