Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock left a huge stash of weapons, computers and a girlfriend who could tell us what we need to know to come to a motive for why this 64-year old man committed such a hateful and heinous crime. That’s why the Vegas police announced today that she’s a “person of interest”:

Sheriff Joseph Lombardo of Clark County said detectives are in contact with Marilou Danley, who was travelling in the Philippines at the time of the massacre and remains there. “The investigation with her is ongoing and we anticipate some further information from her shortly,” he told reporters. “Currently she is a person of interest.”

More evidence is coming out that Marilou Danley was living in the house with Paddock while he was buying dozens of guns and bomb making material. The police found a new cache of weapons today: They found five handguns, two shotguns and a “plethora” of ammunition.

It’s hard to believe Danley had no clue of any of this.

The mental state of Paddock is also something that could lead to motive. Was he aggressive or angry? Did he do anything out of the ordinary to show a mental condition? A Starbucks worker has come forward to say Paddock was always belittling Danley and verbally abusing her in front of others.

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The Vegas police brought up the fact that Paddock could have been “radicalized” without them knowing it:

“This person may have radicalized, unbeknownst to us, and we want to identify that source.” – Sheriff Joseph Lombardo

They are obviously looking into the angle of Islamic terror. ISIS keeps claiming responsibility for the shooting but the evidence hasn’t been discovered. The girlfriend could be the key to discovery on this.

We know that Danley left the U.S. on September 15th for the Philippines. Authorities will have her back in the U.S. on Wednesday for interviews.

Perhaps Danley can answer where the huge amounts of money were being sent when they were being wired to the Philippines. Danley has family there and the couple has visited.


Paddock is said to be on a vacation with friends. It’s curious timing…

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