In the latest Twitter Files, Michael Shellenberger revealed that Twitter and the FBI had shared a cozy relationship suppressing information harmful to Democrats over the past few years.
But now it is also emerging that Twitter was paid millions of dollars by the government via the FBI for hiding and labeling information as disinformation in order to keep American voters and taxpayers in the dark about the corruption within the government.
In the files released Monday, independent journalist Michael Shellenberger showed that despite the media’s blackout of the files, the word is getting out anyway. He cited a Harvard-Harris poll that finds that 76% of voters think former FBI official James Baker acted out of politics in censoring the Hunter Biden laptop story while at Twitter.
Shellenberger showed:
A. Baker demanded Twitter censor the NY Post’s Hunter Biden laptop story even though it was 100% accurate.
B. There is no way Baker could have thought the emails on it had been faked or had emerged from hacking, given his FBI training.

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Shellenberger stated that there was “an organized effort by representatives of the intelligence community” directed at “senior executives at the news and social media companies” to discredit “leaked information about Hunter Biden before and after it was published.”
James Baker, Former FBI General Counsel, began working at Twitter, assisting Yoel Roth (then head of trust & safety) and other FBI-turned Twitter employees in building a “virtual war room” at the company. The internet executives, officials from the FBI, and the Office of the Director of National Intelligence worked together to suppress information.
The FBI paid Twitter more than $3.4 million for their “legal process response,” apparently compensation to cover the time Twitter executives spent coordinating with them.
An internal email from Twitter Director of Policy Carlos Monje to Yoel Roth confirmed that the intelligence community was working toward a “sustained” but “uncoordinated” data-sharing campaign with Twitter.
Twitter users erupted in angry responses to the revelation that U.S. tax dollars were used to suppress information for political purposes.
Patriotic gym owner Ian Smith who refused to close during covid lockdowns, tweeted, “The FBI spent nearly $3.5 million of taxpayer dollars paying Twitter to censor Americans. This is a direct violation of the constitution and treason against the American public, but I’m the domestic terrorist on TSA lists because I wouldn’t wear a face-diaper on the plane.”

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