A YouTube video below with photos from Twitter shows a controversial citizen journalist and activist who jumped Nancy Pelosi’s wall/fence and set up a tent.

She brought illegal aliens in yellow vests with her to make up a mini caravan.

Will Nancy invite them in for tea? This is an ongoing protest until the police arrive.

Loomer is making a point that we REALLY like. Would Pelosi want strangers just coming on her property and setting up camp?

We think we know the answer to that. She’ll kick strangers out so why should Americans be subjected to open borders if Pelosi doesn’t live by the same rules?

The tent says “IMMORALITY” in red paint and photos of Americans killed by illegal aliens are below that. What’s immoral? I wall to protect Americans or the refusal by the Democrats to fund that wall?

Controversial activist Laura Loomer: The video shows the group setting up camp on Pelosi’s lawn then police officers kicking the group off of Pelosi’s lawn. They said “we’re being deported off Nancy Pelosi’s lawn”.

This is fantastic! Everyone could do this or even grab a group of friends and hold a rally to support our president. #BuildTheWall




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