On Tuesday, Representative Lauren Boebert, R-Co.  filed for divorce from her husband of 20 years, Jayson.

The couple did not give a reason for their divorce but asked for privacy and only had positive things to say about each other on social media.

Jayson said that he had nothing bad to say about his ‘partner of 20 years’ and the woman who is the mother of his children.

In the court filing for the divorce, which Boebert initiated, she said the reason they divorced was because of ‘irreconcilable differences’.

Boebert attempted to get primary custody of their four children in the filing while the details of the divorce were being sorted out.

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Jayson reportedly had an angry outburst when being served with the divorce papers, refusing to take them initially.

Lauren and Jayson met when they were sixteen and dated for three years before getting married at the age of 19, according to Rep. Boebert in her book ‘My American Life’.

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Boebert is on her second term in Congress and won re-election in 2022 by a narrow margin of just 546 votes.

She is one of the more conservative members of the House and is known as a staunch advocate for the second amendment.

Yesterday, she introduced a bill to repeal gun control legislation passed last year that heavily restricted straw purchases and incentivized states to pass so-called red flag laws.

The bill would also roll back the 14 percent increase given to the ATF and defund federal programs that track where veterans store their firearms.

The Daily Mail Reports

Firebrand congresswoman Lauren Boebert filed for divorce from her husband after 18 years of marriage Tuesday – bizarrely stressing in a statement that she has ‘always been faithful.’

And in an exclusive text to DailyMail.com, hubby Jayson, 42, said: ‘I am torn by this a very sad thing. A horrible moment in my life.

‘I love her too much to say anything bad about her. She is the mother of my children and my partner for the last 20 years. Please just let me have some peace.’

Boebert, 36, cited ‘irreconcilable differences as the reason for filing. A court hearing has been set for May 31 in Mesa County Court in Grand Junction, Colorado.

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