Arizona resident and former Oath Keepers AZ Chapter president Ray Epps captured America’s attention when he was seen begging Trump supporters to go into the Capitol on the evening of January 5th, 2021. When he told the Trump supporters they “need to go inside the Capitol,” they began to chant, “Fed! Fed! Fed!”

And then, on January 6th, he was seen again, literally directing Trump supporters who were on their way to hear Trump’s speech at the Ellipse to go to the Capitol instead.

Epps stood in front of a piece of heavy machinery, shouting at Trump supporters as they walked to Trump’s rally, “We are going to the Capitol, where our problems are,” he yelled. “It’s that direction!” an animated Epps shouted as he pointed n the direction of the Capitol. He further encouraged the Trump supporters passing by to “Please spread the word!”

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As protesters first reach the Capitol, where Epps has been encouraging them to go for two days, they begin to confront the scant number of police officers standing near low-security barriers. A young man wearing a black t-shirt and red MAGA cap can be seen engaging with police officers at the barriers. Suddenly, out of nowhere, Ray Epps appears and whispers in the ear of Ryan Samsel, a PA resident with an extensive violent criminal background. Epps seems to know to target Samsel, as he whispers in his ear. Almost immediately afterward, Samsel begins to push down the barriers, allowing protesters to run through the barriers and onto the Capitol grounds. Epps disappears.

Here’s Epps re-appearing with the protesters as they march toward the Capitol:

Once inside the grounds of Capitol where the staged “insurrection began,” Epps can be seen helping to hoist a giant Trump billboard over the head of the Capitol Police, who are allegedly trying to control the crowd. Epps appears to be very good at instigating Trump supporters to act and then backs off once the action is in motion.  He can be seen in the right-hand corner of the giant billboard but backs off once it is successfully pushed into the police barricade. In the crowd, others (possibly fed operatives) can be heard shouting, “Hold the line,” as they simultaneously motion for the crowd to rush the police.

Once the protesters made their way onto the steps of the Capitol after Epps, the self-proclaimed leader of the staged “insurrection,” encouraged them to rush the Capitol Police, he suddenly became a defender of the police from the same protesters he incited earlier.

And then, poof!…just like magic—after Ray Epps landed a leading role in Nancy Pelosi’s propaganda piece about the “insurrection,” he disappeared off the radar of the anti-Trump J6 committee.

Here is Epps again, this time in the left corner, in another segment from the J6 propaganda piece:

On Oct. 21, Representative Thomas Massie (R-KY)  showed a video of Epps during his questioning of Attorney General Merrick Garland. The video included a montage of clips showing Epps inciting people on January 5 and again on January 6th to breach the Capitol.

Garland refused to comment on the video, claiming immunity because the incident is currently under investigation.

And then, on January 11, 2022, FBI National Security Branch Executive Assistant Director Jill Sanborn was questioned by the US Senate Judiciary Committee by Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) on whether or not FBI agents or confidential informants played a role in the Jan. 6, 2021 incident that Democrats and their allies in the media have labeled an “insurrection” and “domestic terror attack.”

During a recent interview with Fox News’ Tucker Carlson, Senator Ted Cruz apologized for referring to the incident as a “terror attack” on the Capitol. Two days later, at the Senate Judiciary Committee  “The Domestic Terrorism Threat One Year After January 6” hearing, Senator Cruz attempted to redeem himself with frustrated Americans who are watching what they believe was an FBI set-up of military veterans, former and current law enforcement officers multiple Trump supporters on January 6. Sen. Cruz drilled down on Sandborn, demanding she reveals the extent of the FBI’s involvement in the incident.

“Did any FBI agents or confidential informants actively participate in the events of January 6th? Yes or no?” Sen. Cruz asked.

FBI’s Jill Sanborn: “I can’t answer that.”

Senator Cruz began to ask more direct questions about Ray Epps.

Cruz asked Jill Sanborn a direct question about Ray Epps: “Ms. Sanborn, was Ray Epps a fed?”

Ms. Sanborn replied: “Sir, I cannot answer that question.”

“Ms. Sanborn, a lot of Americans are concerned that the Federal Government deliberately encouraged illegal and violent conduct on January 6th. My question to you—and this is not an ordinary law enforcement question—this is a question about public accountability—Did federal agents, or those in service of federal agents, actively encourage violent and criminal conduct on January 6th?” Cruz said.

“Not to my knowledge,” a defiant Sandborn responded.


Almost immediately after the disastrous appearance by the FBI’s Sanborn, Democrats and their two anti-Trump Republican allies on the J6 Witch Hunt Committee went on the defense on behalf of Ray Epps. Their carefully crafted statement defending Mr. Epps and his involvement in the “insurrection” is curious, given how unwilling they are to give anyone else involved in the Jan. 6th incident the benefit of the doubt, including President Trump, his inner circle, and even Steve Bannon who were nowhere near the Capitol on that day.

And now, Politico is reporting that according to Epps’ attorney John Blishak, Ray Epps intends to sit for a transcribed interview Friday with the select committee investigating the attack on the Capitol. Epps’ lawyer claims his client’s meeting with the J6 Committee was just a precursor to a more-formal transcribed interview this week.

Blischak told POLITICO that the reason Epps was removed from the FBI’s Most Wanted list was, in part, because he was no longer an unidentified suspect. Rather, he called the FBI on Jan. 8 and “explained his position” after a relative informed him that he had been the subject of news reporting related to the riot, Blischak said.

After several months of silence from Epps or the FBI who Epps is accused of working for, was it Trump’s rally in Arizona where he asked tens of thousands of his supporters and over a million viewers “Exactly how many of those present at the Capitol on January 6th were FBI confidential informants, agents or otherwise directly or indirectly with an agency of the US government?” that prompted a response about the mysterious Jan. 6th ringmaster, Ray Epps?


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