Yesterday, it was revealed that the newly leaked documents from the US Department of Defense, some of which were marked “top secret,” reveal that Western forces are on the ground in Ukraine.

Emerald Robinson reveals how damning the leaked documents are to the Biden regime narrative on the Ukraine war:

The US government has been investigating the source of the leaked files, and today, they were ab which reveal how the US government and mainstream media were presenting a much different picture of the conflict between Ukraine and Russia, most notably, that the UK, US, Nato states Latvia, France and the Netherlands have troops ON THE GROUND in Ukraine.

BBC reports – According to the document, dated 23 March, the UK has the largest contingent of special forces in Ukraine (50), followed by fellow Nato states Latvia (17), France (15), the US (14), and the Netherlands (1).

The document does not say where the forces are located or what they are doing.

The numbers of personnel may be small and will doubtless fluctuate. But special forces are, by their very nature, highly effective. Their presence in Ukraine is likely to be seized upon by Moscow, which has in recent months argued that it is not just confronting Ukraine but Nato as well.

The leaked documents have now been attributed to a 21-year-old Air National Guardsman, who is allegedly the leader of a small online gamer chat group where the secret US documents were leaked.

The New York Times reports- The leader of a small online gaming chat group where a trove of classified U.S. intelligence documents leaked over the last few months is a 21-year-old member of the intelligence wing of the Massachusetts Air National Guard, according to interviews and documents reviewed by The New York Times.

The national guardsman, whose name is Jack Teixeira, oversaw a private online group named Thug Shaker Central, where about 20 to 30 people, mostly young men, and teenagers, came together over a shared love of guns, racist online memes, and video games.

Two U.S. officials confirmed that investigators want to talk to Airman Teixeira about the leak of government documents to the private online group. One official said Airman Teixeira might have information relevant to the investigation.

Federal investigators have been searching for days for the person who leaked the top secret documents online but have not identified Airman Teixeira or anyone else as a suspect. The F.B.I. declined to comment.

The Guardian reports – The existence of the leaked cache was exposed as documents showing estimated casualties in the Bakhmut theatre of battle began circulating on public social networks last week.

Two versions of those documents, one of which had been crudely digitally altered to understate Russian casualties and overstate Ukrainian ones, were passed around among observers of the war. One, with the correct figures, stemmed from a leak to 4chan.

At the same time, a second set of documents, including the edited image, were being passed around pro-Russian Telegram channels.

Neither was the original source, however. Before they emerged onto the public internet, the documents had been shared on closed chatrooms hosted by Discord, a gamer-focused chat app. In one server called “Minecraft Earth Map,” 10 of the documents were posted as early as 4 March, a month before they appeared on 4chan.

“After a brief spat with another person on the server about Minecraft Maps and the war in Ukraine, one of the Discord users replied: ‘Here, have some leaked documents’ – attaching 10 documents about Ukraine, some of which bore the ‘top secret’ markings,” said Aric Toler, an analyst at the investigative research group§ Bellingcat.

That user had, in turn, found them on another Discord server, run by and for fans of the Filipino YouTuber WowMao, where 30 documents had been posted three days earlier, with “dozens” of other unverified documents about Ukraine. However, even that did not appear to be the original source: a third Discord server, named “Thug Shaker Central”, among other titles, may have been where the documents were originally posted as early as mid-January.

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