It’s been a bad week for the Trump haters…Just like the FBI haters, this woman hates President Trump and tried to do whatever she could to leak classified information.
On February 11, 2017, just two days before she began employment as an NSA contractor, she wrote that “the most dangerous entry to this country was the orange fascist we let into the White House” on her Twitter account. Federal agents also found her diary during a search of her home in which she allegedly expressed support for Taliban leaders and Osama bin Laden…


The Washington Times reports that Reality Winner, a U.S. Air Force veteran and former National Security Agency contractor charged with leaking classified material to the media, pleaded guilty Tuesday morning in federal court in Augusta, Georgia.

Winner, 26, pleaded guilty to one federal count of willful retention and transmission of national defense information, court attendees reported, all but giving the Trump administration its first criminal leak conviction.

The Air Force veteran entered a plea deal on Thursday following a phone call with U.S. Magistrate Judge Brian Epps, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported.

Winner was charged, under the Espionage Act, with removing classified material from a government facility and mailing it to a news outlet.

She was working as a contractor with a Top Secret security clearance with Pluribus International Corporation at a federal facility in Georgia when, according to the Justice Department, she printed out a sheet of paper with classified information and mailed it to a news organization.

While the DOJ didn’t specify which outlet reported the secret information, Winner’s charges were announced just as The Intercept published details of a NSA report on Russian hacking efforts.

A judge will review the plea and decide whether to accept the agreement at a later date, according to WRDW radio reporter Liz Owens. –Fox News

A former Air Force linguist, Winner worked for Pluribus International Corporation, a defense and intelligence contractor, when she was arrested last June and charged under the Espionage Act in connection with allegedly removing classified material from a government facility and mailing it to an online news outlet. She pleaded not guilty shortly after her arrest and has been held in custody for the past 12 months awaiting trial.

Reality Winner’s mom believes her daughter got a raw deal, in that she was not allowed to act with what she believed were “good intentions”. Her mother Billie Winner Davis made the following statement:

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