It really sucks to be unappreciated. Just ask Mark Zuckerberg.

The Facebook CEO must be feeling like a frustrated housewife whose husband never acknowledges her endless efforts to ensure tidy toilets and delicious homemade meals.

Employees working for the socialist tech giant, whose only goal is to push the left’s anti-American agenda, received an unexpected gut punch yesterday when Joe Biden called them killers.

Just before departing for Camp David, Joe Biden insinuated that Facebook’s efforts to censor and stifle negative posts regarding Covid19 vaccines were not enough, telling reporters that Facebook was “killing people”.


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Never getting enough credit for the lies they promote, the facts they censor, and the conservative accounts they suspend, Facebook is fighting mad and fighting back.


While their outrage is cute, Facebook is missing the point: government does not have a right to censor information that Americans have access to, but in typical leftist fashion, that’s exactly what they’re doing.

Earlier in the week, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki came out with a stunning statement, nearly admitting that they control Facebook and other social media platforms. Drunk on power, they appear to be ramping up their control, making further demands on their tech-tyrant lackeys.

From Red State,

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki started a hullabaloo yesterday by admitting that they had been in “frequent contact” with Facebook to “flag misinformation” to get Facebook to take down information about the Wuhan coronavirus that they considered “misinformation” and to ban users. Today, she doubled down on that and said that people banned on one platform should be banned on all platforms, an especially troubling thing to say when the government is in constant contact with social media to flag and ban people.


We covered that story here yesterday:

BREAKING VIDEO: “This is pernicious sh**”…Glenn Greenwald Hits Back After Biden’s Jen Psaki Doubles Down on Censorship of “Misinformation”

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