Attorney Alan Dershowitz told Newsmax that this “is a sad day for the constitution,” calling the raid on Trump’s home “misconduct” and “improper”.

He said if the evidence collected at Trump’s home was not done so lawfully, it would not be admissible. The exclusionary rule applies in criminal prosecutions, meaning any evidence seized in violation of the Fourth Amendment will be excluded from a prosecution. The FBI will have to show that they obtained a valid warrant and with proper basis. Dershowitz went on record saying,

“I just hope this raid has a justification. If it doesn’t have a justification, the material seized in it will be suppressed. … The law is clear: you don’t engage in a raid unless you’ve exhausted all of the other remedies. … Raids are not a first recourse in America. They’re a last recourse. And so the government will have to show a court, eventually, that they exhausted all other possibilities or they had a reasonable basis for believing that the evidence would be destroyed if it was sought in the normal legal course of events, through subpoena.”

Republicans have called the behavior unconstitutional, while even Democrats have said the FBI has some explaining to do.

Jim Jordan said Merrick Garland and Chris Wray should be questioned for their behavior when the House meets on Friday.

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Andrew Cuomo said the DOJ should immediately explain the reason for the raid or it is likely to undermine the legitimacy of the January 6 investigations.

Americans recognize that using the FBI for unjustly threatening a potential future candidate by intimidation and an illegal raid, is Third World, Banana Republic behavior.

Marjorie Taylor Greene called the FBI’s behavior a “Communist Style raid” and has been fact checked by Instagram.

Ron DeSantis also called out the FBI’s behavior as an “escalation in the weaponization  of federal agencies.”

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