James Murdoch, son of media giant Rupert Murdoch, has abruptly resigned from the board of his father’s publisher’s company over a disagreement related to content appearing in its Wall Street Journal and the New York Post newspapers.

Lachlan, Rupert and James Murdoch

NBC New York – “My resignation is due to disagreements over certain editorial content published by the Company’s news outlets and certain other strategic decisions,” James Murdoch wrote Friday in a brief letter to News Corp’s board that the company made public. The resignation was effective Friday.

James is known as the more liberal Murdoch brother. His more conservative sibling, Lachlan, is the heir apparent to New Corp Executive Chairman Rupert and is co-chairman of News Corp. Lachlan is also executive chairman and CEO of Fox Corp, home to conservative news network Fox News, the Fox broadcast and sports networks and local TV stations.

James is married to Kathryn Murdoch, who works for the Clinton Climate Initiative. She is an outspoken hater of President Trump on Twitter and much of her hate is directed at his refusal to accept that man-made climate warming cooling change is settled science.
Here are a few examples of recent tweet and retweets by the very liberal Kathryn Murdoch:
The first is a retweet of a nasty anti-Trump video from the never-Trump RINO group, The Lincoln Project.
Next, is a retweet by Murdoch criticizing Jim Jordan and accusing him of representing a gerrymandered district in Ohio.
Finally, this retweet from Kathryn Murdoch is from yesterday where Trump is identified as part of an “evil superpower of people.”
Is it any wonder that James Murdoch is unable to cope with an editorial board that doesn’t lean left of center? The good news for James is that there is a never-ending pool of leftist rags who will be happy to entertain his editorial style.

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