A large group of Black Lives Matter protesters marched through downtown Atlanta in an attempt to shut down a major highway. Police have formed a large barricade, preventing them from disrupting traffic. The protests are in response to recent police shootings.

No protests have been scheduled to bring attention to the multiple murders of young black youth by young black youths in Obama’s hometown of Chicago. Black lives ONLY matter when they are killed by white people or cops (especially white cops).

The march began at Centennial Olympic Park at 6 p.m. and organizers expected more than 1,000 people to show up. Groups started gathering hours earlier.

NAACP march organizers in Atlanta said they expect other groups, like Black Lives Matter, to merge with Friday’s march. The organization said it will not tolerate any violence.


10:50 p.m.

Channel 2 Action News spoke to the driver of the truck that protesters climbed on top of.

Chris Golden said he was on his normal route when he got stuck. He said he was not scared when the protesters started to climb up.

10:45 p.m.

A group of protesters are yelling at police police on Peachtree Street near the Westin hotel.

The crowd is dispersing at Williams Street.

Police are setting up another blockade on Williams Street.



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