Only one day after violent clashes between White Supremacist groups and Antifa thugs in Charlottesville, Virginia, another massive clash appears to be taking place in downtown Seattle, WA, that is no stranger to riots and radical protests. Seattle is a hotbed for radical liberals who have no qualms about openly threatening to take away the free speech rights of fellow Americans.

The rally was previously organized by a pro-Trump conservative group that calls themselves the Patriot Prayer. Is it even possible for Americans to hold a rally showing their support for our President and for our First Amendment without being violently shut down?

The pro-Trump group has held similar events throughout the Pacific Northwest and every time, they have been met by the George Soros funded, violent Antifa group.

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Twitter user Scott Jensen has been documenting the clashes between protesters and what appears to be Antifa thugs against Seattle police. In this video, Jensen refers to the man in the white shirt using his cell phone camera as “Hawken” saying that he came to document the protest. In the video, you can clearly see the leftist masked and unmasked protesters attacking him while he attempts to get away. Near the end of the video it appears that the masked man on the left side of the screen is reaching in to stab him as he’s bent over. Antifa is known for carrying knifes with them to these protests. They even sold knives shaped like a credit card online until the George Soros funded group was exposed by conservatives on social media.

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