An earthquake with a preliminary magnitude of 7.3 hit northern Japan on Tuesday, the Japan Meteorological Agency said, issuing tsunami advisories for much of the nation’s northern Pacific coast.

The epicentre of the earthquake, which was felt in Tokyo, was off the coast of Fukushima prefecture at a depth of about 10 kilometres, the agency said.

Here is footage of the earthquake:

Here is ABC’s live feed of the tsunami in Japan:

NHK has reported the water cooling system seems to have stopped at the Fukushima Daini where thousands of fuel rods are kept.

Officials are investigating what has happened with the system.

There are reports a 90 centimetre tsunami was observed at 6.49am at Onahama Port in Fukushima and higher waves are expected, even up to three metres.

Residents are being urged to evacuate immediately and tsunami sirens are sounding.-SBS

UPDATE: Fukushima reactor cooling system fails following quake & tsunami – reports

The cooling system of the third reactor at the crippled Fukushima nuclear power plant has stopped circulating water, NHK reported citing the Nuclear Regulatory Agency. Authorities said there is no imminent danger as long as there is enough water inside the system.

According to the Nuclear Regulatory Agency the cooling system servicing the Unit 3 spent fuel pool is not able to circulate water to cool the nuclear fuel because of a broken pump.

Although the heat in the pool is slowly rising, the agency said that at such a pace the heat is unlikely to rise to a “dangerous level” in any “foreseeable future.”

Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO) told national broadcaster NHK that the cooling system in the Reactor 3 spent fuel pool stopped working. Japan’s national nuclear agency has confirmed that the temperature rise in the pool is “gradual.” The exact cause of the cooling system stoppage is currently unknown. However, the system might have been “shaken” during the earthquake, according to nuclear agency officials, as reported by NHK. No cooling water leaks or any other “abnormalities” have been reported. –RT

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