This afternoon, Mike Lindell was surrounded by FBI agents as he waited at a drive-thru window at a Hardee’s restaurant in Mankato, MN. Mike had just finished duck hunting with his friends, one of whom was with him in his vehicle, when the FBI surrounded them at the drive-thru.

According to Mike, who claims he’s been waiting for the FBI to arrest him so he can share all of his evidence of voter fraud through voting machines, the FBI did not arrest him but instead threatened him.

As Mike and his friend were sitting in the car, they noticed a vehicle parked sideways in front of him. Another vehicle parked up beside him, and another one parked behind him, essentially trapping him at the drive-thru window.

Mike told Lindell TV host Brannon Howse that he begged the FBI agents to arrest him so he could share his evidence with the government, but they told him they were only there to discuss “Colorado,” as it relates to former Mesa Count Clerk Tina Peters. The FBI agents told Mike they had a subpoena for his phone, which he refused to give them. Eventually, Mike gave up his phone. Mike explained that the FBI asked him not to share the subpoena with the public, so Mike asked his producer to place a copy of the subpoena on the screen while he explained the details of his confrontation with the FBI.

Mike told Howse that his phone contains all of his contacts and that his hearing aids are attached to his phone. He claims the FBI had to be “tracking my phone” throughout the day to be able to catch up to him in his hometown of Mankato, MN. at the Hardees drive-thru window.

Mike explained to host Brannon Howse that the FBI agents were kind to him and that he was actually trying to bring one of the FBI agents over to Christ. “This is what they did in Nazi Germany, everyone!” Mike exclaimed.


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Mike Lindell was on the air when his good friend Donald J. Trump’s Florida home was raided. Here’s what Mike had to say about the raid on Mar-a-Lago.

Watch at the 28:05 mark:

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