Imagine living in a country where citizens are unable to protect themselves from bad guys with guns and where police officers are usually armed with nothing more than a billy club.  

Police are reportedly responding to this horrible situation as though it’s a terror attack. We will continue to update this situation as more information becomes available.

Hundreds of people fled Oxford Street today after reports of shots being fired led to armed police flooding the area.
People ran and screamed on one of the busiest shopping days of the year as police moved in to close down Oxford Circus tube station.

Armed police have arrived on scene and are responding ‘as if the incident is terrorist related’ after reports of shots fired.

A large area is now in lockdown, from Oxford Circus tube station to Bond Street. There have been unconfirmed the incident maybe gang-related.

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MailOnline journalist Keiligh Baker was walking towards Carnaby Street from Oxford Street when the incident unfolded.
She said: ‘Lots of armed police arrived and stormed Oxford Street. They were shouting “move, move, move!”.

‘Then the uniformed officers started shouting “go, go, go”. People were sprinting and screaming.’


Ms Baker added: ‘We ran along Oxford Street and there were lots of shops with people in them, some were locked, some were still letting people in.

‘We got into a shop then a uniformed police officer came along and told us to move further away.’

Greg Bird told MailOnline he was sat outside a coffee shop near Oxford Circus station when he saw ‘about 50 people sprinting around the corner and screaming’.

He left the scene and is unsure what is happening now but said armed police are still heading towards the station.
One witness who was in Zara on Oxford Street told MailOnline that a man with a gun walked in and ‘everyone was screaming’ and they were led out of the store.

Police said they are responding to the incident as if it is terror related but they have not yet recovered any casualties

London’s Metropolitan Police said: ‘Police were called at 16:38hrs on Friday, 24 November to a number of reports of shots fired on Oxford Street and underground at Oxford Circus tube station.

‘Police have responded as if the incident is terrorist related. Armed and unarmed officers are on scene and dealing along with colleagues from British Transport Police.

‘If you are on Oxford Street go into a building and stay inside until further direction. –Daily Mail


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