Former President Donald Trump is set to speak at around 8:15 PM at his Mar-a-Lago estate in Florida after being arraigned today in a New York court in relation to ‘hush money’ payments made to Stormy Daniels.

Earlier today, Trump pled Not Guilty in response to the charges and has remained defiant, calling the indictment a politically motivated prosecution.

Trump called the arraignment ‘shocking’ as it was revealed that there were no new details that were not already made public when he was faced with the charges, meaning that, in his view, Bragg’s case is extremely flimsy.

The arraignment came on the same day that Stormy Daniels was forced to pay Trump another $122,000 in attorneys fees due to frivolous civil lawsuits brought against him.

The former President was not given a gag order as some predicted during the arraignment, with the presiding judge saying that it was essential to protect his First Amendment rights that he is able to speak unrestrained as a Presidential candidate.

Trump is expected to give further details about the indictment and what his response will be tonight.


Donald Trump Jr. was joined by Representative Matt Gaetz (R-Fl.) and Marjorie Taylor Greene roughly 15 minutes before President Trump was expected to take stage.

President Trump took the stage at 8:25PM, a few minutes after Eric Trump and former advisor Stephen Miller arrived.

Trump repeated his denial of wrongdoing, saying that the only ‘crime’ he committed was defending the interests of the United States.

He also reiterated that ‘RINO’s as well as ‘Hardcore Democrats’ have cast doubt on the validity of the charges brought against him, calling the charges an ‘insult to our country’.

Trump also mentioned pending charges against him in Fulton County in Georgia, saying that ‘nothing said was wrong’ during the call.

He then touched on federal charges against him stemming from a records dispute which resulted in federal authorities raiding his Mar-a-Lago estate, saying that he was raided by FBI agents who took his medical records and passports over a minor alleged infraction.

Trump said that all of the pending investigations in to him are politically biased, referencing New York Attorney General Letitia James, who was elected on a campaign promise to legally harass Trump.

He ended his speech on an optimistic note, expressing confident that he will beat the charges against him and ‘Make America Great Again’.

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