On Monday, an active shooter in Louisville, Kentucky killed 6 people and sent 9 individuals to the hospital.

The shooter was identified as 25-year-old Connor Sturgeon, an employee at Old National Bank where the shooting occurred.

The LinkedIn account of Connor Sturgeon has also been shared on Twitter. Next to his name, the words “He/Him” appear, indicating that he has bought into the leftist narrative that your biological sex is irrelevant and that it’s up to the individual to identify themselves by using their choice of pronouns.

Posts from Sturgeon’s reddit account indicate that he had liberal politics, as he shared multiple posts that were critical of Republicans and former President Donald Trump.

On Tuesday evening, Louisville Metro Police released bodycam footage from the shooting.

The disturbing footage shows police officers approaching the bank where Sturgeon is holed up.

After entering the building, it shows one police officer being shot in the head before Sturgeon was subdued.

Sturgeon was pronounced dead on the scene just minutes after police approached the bank and entered.


The Daily Mail Reports

Louisville police have released dramatic body camera footage from Monday’s bank shooting, showing officers arriving, being ambushed and then shooting dead the 25-year-old disgruntled employee who murdered five colleagues.

Over the course of six minutes, police are seen driving up to Old National Bank as gunshots are echoing through the building, and then charging at the doors. One officer is shot in the head in an ambush: the gunman was then killed.

The footage was released at a news conference on Tuesday, detailing the Louisville Metro Police Department’s quick response to the massacre.

Officials arrived at the scene within just three minutes of receiving a call about an active shooter at the bank, and just three minutes after that, the suspect, Connor Sturgeon, was pronounced dead.

The footage begins at 8:40am, with Officer Nickolas Wilt, 26, driving to the scene in his 10th day on the job.

In the passenger seat is his training officer, Officer Cory ‘CJ’ Galloway.

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