Yuriy Alterman was seen walking towards the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree yelling anti-police slurs. It was reported that he was walking erratically carrying a gas can. A FOX News employee saw the man and reported him to authorities. This is a perfect example of why “see something, say something” is so necessary!  

NBC News reported:

A man carrying a gasoline can, matches has been charged with making a terroristic threat after he was arrested near the famed Rockefeller Plaza in New York City, authorities told NBC News on Tuesday.

The man was arrested Monday after officers followed him to an intersection near Rockefeller Plaza, a police official said.

Officers were alerted to him by a Fox News employee who reported that a man, later identified as Yuriy Alterman, 38, of the Bronx, was yelling anti-police slurs and throwing a bottle, police said.

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