Cops booked a 35-year-old man named Farzad Fazeli into the Santa Rita Jail for trying to stab a GOP congressional candidate with a switchblade. The man was reportedly at the Castro Valley Fall Festival, an event open to the public, and he walked up to a booth where congressional candidate Rudy Peters was located.

The suspect, Fazeli, made what was called “disparaging remarks” about Republicans and that’s where he allegedly tried to stab Peters with a switchblade.

Lucky for Peters, the man’s switchblade malfunctioned and it turned into a physical altercation instead of a stabbing. Fazeli ran from the scene of the attempted stabbing, but it wasn’t long before he was detained by the authorities.

Fazeli was booked on “suspicion of felony assault, making criminal threats, brandishing a weapon and possessing a switchblade.”

SF Gate stated that the “Alameda County sheriff’s deputies were called to the event on Castro Valley Boulevard about 3:45 p.m. after a report of a knife attack, officials said. Witnesses told deputies that Fazeli approached Peters in an “aggressive manner” and insulted Peters’ political party and some elected officials, a sheriff’s spokesman said.

Santa Rita Jail records listed Fazeli as a cashier standing 6-foot-1 and weighing 210 pounds.”

Is this a result of Maxine Waters and her remarks about confronting Trump supporters or Republicans? It’s a stretch either way. It could be totally related if the suspect supports her. It could be totally unrelated. That’s why we’re asking and want people to investigate the man and his political background to help us all understand his motivation for trying to stab someone at a festival.

If we look back at Maxine Waters’ history, she was once seen on video making some disparaging remarks about Trump and his supporters on her own. This type of action is unacceptable and could lead to people being prompted into horrible actions like this attempted stabbing.

Was Fazeli telling the GOP congressional candidate that he wasn’t welcome?

Even more recently she was joking around about how she threatens Trump supporters ‘all the time.

If she was joking or not, it doesn’t matter. The problem is the constant rhetoric and the fact that many of Maxine Waters’ supporters might find her to be serious when she talks. She’s not the best public speaker out there and she’s not the most effective U.S. Representative either. Parts of her 43rd congressional district are high poverty and filled with feces littering the streets.

What exactly does Maxine Waters do at work?

Will it be revealed that Fazeli, in California’s Castro Valley, turns out to be a Maxine Waters supporter?

Time will tell, but only if there’s a deeper investigation into the attempted stabber’s motivation.

Why would he try to stab a GOP congressional candidate?

What exactly would that have changed?

Rudy Peters is running for Congress in the 15th district of California. He’s a Navy veteran and Trump supporter.

If you’re in California and want to support Rudy Peters, then check out his website and see what you can do!

NOTE: The knife used in the photo is a generic image of a switchblade to show readers what they usually look like.


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