A man carrying a rifle into a gun-free zone late Friday shot and killed five innocent people. Four of those killed were women at the Macy’s make-up counter.

The authorities are currently on a manhunt for the suspect who was last seen walking away from the mall. 

There’s controversy over whether the man is Hispanic or Arab. The news media jumped all over the “white-hispanic” label but you be the judge:


The community of Burlington, WA is heavily populated with Hispanics but the guy in this photo looks like an Arab. The news media will fall all over themselves trying to push the narrative that this wasn’t a terror attack by a Muslim. All we know right now is just STAY INDOORS, STAY SECURE!


Police were searching late Friday for a gunman who killed four women and one man at a Washington state mall before fleeing the area.

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Washington State Patrol spokesman Sgt. Mark Francis said police were searching for a Hispanic man wearing black and armed with a rifle who was last seen walking toward Interstate 5 near the Cascade Mall in Burlington.
“Stay indoors, stay secure,” Francis said at a news conference.

Earlier, Francis told reporters that the male victim would “probably pass away” due to his injuries. The man had been airlifted to a Seattle hospital.

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Authorities initially said four people were killed, then said three were dead, before revising the number again. Francis said the number fluctuated as authorities searched the 434,000-square-foot mall. The sergeant said the victims were shot in the makeup department of the mall’s Macy’s store at approximately 7 p.m. local time.

Authorities released a surveillance image of the suspect walking through the store and holding a rifle. Francis said police did not know the gunman’s motive and could not say whether he targeted the victims. He said the ages of the victims appeared to range from their 20s to elderly, but had no further identifying information.

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