Yesterday afternoon, we reported about an active shooting situation at the MillerCoors campus in Milwaukee, WI. Multiple law enforcement agencies responded to the call and local businesses and schools were on lockdown.

Strangely, the media has remained mostly silent about the incident since last night. There have been no breathless reports about whether or not the shooter was a Trump supporter, no suggestions that the shooter was another white male who supported the NRA or questions about how the shooting may have been inspired by a conservative personality.

The media has been curiously silent about the man who killed five of his co-workers and then like the coward that he was, turned the gun on himself and took his own life.

The Daily Mail reports – The gunman who killed five co-workers and then took his own life at Milwaukee’s MillerCoors complex had worked there for 17 years and had a long-running dispute with another employee.

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Anthony N. Ferrill, 51, shot dead his colleagues at the headquarters of the brewing company, now known as Molson Coors Beverage Co., on Wednesday afternoon.

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Ferrill had worked as an electrician at the company for 17 years, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports.

A co-worker, who asked not to be named, told the outlet that Ferrill had been involved in a long-running dispute with one of the victims prior to the shooting.

Ferrill believed he was being discriminated against because he was black, the co-worker said.

The victim Ferrill had the ongoing dispute with had taken issue with the gunman frequently watching films on his phone during the workday, according to the co-worker.

Both Ferrill and that victim had also accused one another of stealing tools or tampering with their computer equipment.

Ferrill had been an electrician for 20 years after being honorably discharged from the U.S. Coast Guard where he served from 1987 to 1991.

He lived in a three-bedroom home with his wife and family.

Workers at the plant said Ferrill seemed fine in the days before he stormed in and opened fire.

Earlier reports said Ferrill had been fired earlier in the day and he later returned with a gun fitted with a silencer.

Authorities offered no immediate motive for the attack and have not yet released any details about the shooter or how the shooting unfolded.

None of the victims have been officially identified.

Police, who were still contacting relatives, said identities would not be released for at least 24 hours. No one was wounded beyond those who were killed, authorities said.

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