Fox News is saying this is a win for Mueller…we disagree!

Let’s make one thing clear…Paul Manafort’s prosecution DOES NOT relate to anything from the Trump campaign. The main stream media and Shep Smith at Fox News want it to be earth shattering news but this is not in any way connected to President Trump or candidate Trump. Robert Mueller started this witch hunt and is going after anyone close to President Trump. Manafort was campaign manager for just a few months…The charges brought against him are for things he did on his own:

President Trump’s former campaign manager Paul Manafort has been charged with 8 of 18 counts with a mistrial being declared on the 10 remaining charges.

The bank and tax fraud charges are within those 8 charges but the 12-person jury let the judge know they couldn’t decide on the remaining 10 charges and declared a mistrial on those charges. This is after three weeks of testimony in federal court and deliberations that began last Thursday.

Conservative Treehouse reports:

A guilty verdict on five counts of fraudulent tax filings. One count for each tax filing year: 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014.

Three guilty verdicts on bank fraud charges: False information on a $3.4 million dollar loan application in March 2016 from Citizens Bank, Rhode Island. False information on a $5.5 million loan application for a building in Brooklyn. Hiding foreign bank accounts.

The jury had previously said they couldn’t agree on at least one of the charges and the judge weighed in telling them that would render a partial verdict in the case. In the end, the jury couldn’t get a consensus on 10 charges.

Manafort has a second trial coming up so we’ll see if he’s charged with further crimes. In the mean time, Al Sharpton has still not paid his taxes…Different rules for different people?


The intimidation tactics of Mueller’s FBI are way off base according to reports that claim Mrs. Manafort was “manhandled”:

Just how rough special counsel Robert Mueller is playing with Paul Manafort goes back before this week’s indictment — to the FBI’s no-knock raid in July.

It has been reported that the agents checked Mr. Manafort and wife Kathleen for guns as they broke into the Alexandria condo pre-dawn by picking the lock.

A source familiar with the case told The Washington Times the search was even more intrusive: An agent patted down Mrs. Manafort before she was allowed to get out of bed.

“Agents felt up Mrs. Manafort lying in bed to see if she had guns,” the source said of the intimidation.

In all, 12 FBI agents entered the home, guns drawn, and stayed for hours.

The aggressive search of a prone sleepy woman is, the source said, a hallmark of Mr. Mueller’s top prosecutor, Andrew Weissmann. A former mob prosecutor in New York, he specializes in turning witnesses against bigger prey and is not afraid to make things rough for spouses, too.

“Weissmann will want to maximize the trauma to his family,” said Sidney Powell, a Dallas appeals attorney critical of his tactics.

A spokesman for the special counsel’s office declined to comment.

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