The political hack Democrat who happens to be the Manhattan DA continues his “political hit job” against President Trump.

Remember that it was the same Manhattan DA that wanted to put Paul Manafort in Rikers Island Prison until the DOJ stepped in. Rikers Island is no place for Paul Manafort but the Democrat Prosecutor involved in Manafort’s case was planning on sending him there. The request for a transfer of Manafort was made by Manhattan District Attorney Cy Vance Jr.’s (pictured below) office. This smells of more political grandstanding on Vance’s part.

Manhattan DA Cyrus Vance Jr slapped President Trump’s accountants with a subpoena for eight years of his personal and corporate tax returns last month as part of a criminal probe into the $130,000 paid to Stormy Daniels.

Marc Mukasey, a lawyer for the Trump Organization, said, “We are evaluating and will respond as is appropriate.”

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Is it any surprise that the New York Times first reported on this ridiculous political hit job explaining that Democrat Vance is going after Trump on possible violations of NY state laws even though the inquiry had “effectively concluded”:

Stormy Daniels lawyer Mr. Cohen pleaded guilty last year to breaking federal campaign finance laws and received a three-year prison sentence.

While the federal prosecutors who charged Mr. Cohen stated in a court filing in July that they had “effectively concluded” their inquiry into possible crimes committed by the company or its executives, Mr. Vance’s office is exploring whether the reimbursements violated any New York state laws.

Sounds like they are desperate for anything they can get. Pathetic!

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