The body of civil rights icon and U.S. Rep. John Lewis was brought to the U.S. Capitol today, where he will be the first Black lawmaker to lie in state.

This video shows a close-up view of the masked Honor Guards carrying the casket of Rep. John Lewis who died last week after a battle with pancreatic cancer:

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Outside of the U.S. Capitol, the temperatures are hovering around 97 degrees. Should Honor Guard members walking outdoors be forced to wear a mask?

Although the honor guards carrying the body of Lewis are outdoors, they are still wearing masks in the incredible heat. One of the guards wasn’t able to withstand the intense heat and passed out before Lewis’ casket made it into the Capitol building.

The collapsed honor guard was back on his feet again after being provided with water (and likely having his mask removed). According to Roll Call’s Chris Cioffi, the heat index in Washington is 102.

Many on social media are suggesting wearing masks in this intense heat while wearing a heavy uniform may not be the best idea, this Twitter user calls it “F***ING DANGEROUS TO YOUR HEALTH!”

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