Prospective House Speaker Kevin McCarthy already made history earlier this week when he lost the first vote for the top job in the House, being the first person in almost 100 years to do so.

Since Tuesday, McCarthy has lost ten different votes to determine who will become the Speaker, becoming the first person to do so since 1859, just a few years before the outbreak of the Civil War.

Republicans have continued to struggle to unify behind one candidate for the job as opponents of McCarthy have backed either Representative Byron Donalds (R-Fl.) or Representative Jim Jordan (R-Oh.).

McCarthy has tried to make concessions to holdout voters to no avail and has actually lost votes from wavering allies since the initial vote on Tuesday.

While the House has not yet adjourned on Thursday, it seems likely that they will go a third day without voting in a Speaker, punting the issue until Friday.

The Gateway Pundit Reports

Kevin McCarthy lost the third vote for House Speaker on Tuesday afternoon, with 20 Republicans voting for Rep. Jim Jordan.

The winning Republican can only afford to lose four votes! He must reach 218 votes to win the Speakership. And the GOP holds a narrow 222 to 212 majority in the chamber.

On Wednesday morning McCarthy lost a 4th time! Then a fifth time. And then in the afternoon Kevin McCarthy lost a sixth time.

This was despite the fact that President Trump endorsed Kevin McCarthy on Wednesday morning and urged Republicans to vote for McCarthy.

The 7th Vote was started at noon on Thursday – No Speaker.
The 8th Vote was held on Thursday afternoon – No Speaker.
The 9th vote was held on Thursday afternoon – No Speaker.
And, now the 10th vote was held on Thursday afternoon – No Speaker.

This hasn’t happened since 1859.

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