The mainstream media helped to create mass hysteria, sending gun-control freaks into overdrive after OUS Emergency Management reported an “active shooter” situation with this tweet: 

Here are a few of the tweets from pro-gun control advocates.

The best tweet is from Hillary’s safe space VP pick Tim Kaine:

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Here’s what really happened:

Here is the official updated OSU statement:

“Injuries include stab wounds, injury by motor vehicle. Suspect shot & reported dead. Briefing to be held “as soon as we are able.”

Even after it was made clear by the OSU official statement, CBS continued to run with the “active shooter” narrative anyhow:

Without doing any investigation of their own, here’s what the lazy leftist mainstream media reported:

Even though there was NO verified shooter, NBC went as far as to offer a “LIVE” feed of the “active shooter” on the campus:

CBS News was quick to report an “active shooter” situation:

CBS reported an “active shooter” situation at Watts Hall where the suspect drove his vehicle into the building: 

Even FOX News joined the “active shooter” hysteria:

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