CNN and MSNBC backed off on coverage of the Maryland school shooting this morning after it was reported that an ARMED Resource Officer shot the shooter to end the incident. Yes! A good guy with a gun stopped a bad guy with a gun! Can you imagine if the officer hadn’t been there?

The main stream media was all over this incident with comments about gun control and even mocking comments towards conservatives that “thoughts and prayers” weren’t answered after the Florida shooting. The anti-gun crowd was all over social media with taunting comments towards the NRA. Well, that was until the good news came out that a good guy with a gun stopped a bad guy with a gun:

Daily Caller reports:

The Great Mills High School student who injured two others Tuesday morning was reportedly stopped by the school’s “armed” resource officer.

According to WUSA9’s Peggy Fox, St. Mary’s County Sheriff Tim Cameron updated reporters after the incident had been contained.

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Cameron stated that three students were injured in the incident, including the shooter himself, who was taken down by an armed school resource officer.

The SRO reportedly responded without hesitation and exchanged gunshots with the suspect before disarming him. He was not injured in the exchange.

There you go!

President Trump is right again! He’s all for arming teachers and school safety guards to protect students and teachers.


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